Brainstorming Niche for Online Professionalism

In today’s date, every online professional tries to explain only one word in the beginning and that word is Niche.

Okay, I’m also going to do the same but in my style.

Niche means a subject, a keyword, or a category on which anyone can put information online.

For example, suppose you want to write something on “Samsung Mobiles” niche.
So “Samsung Mobiles” is your niche which is a single level type.

In contrast, you want to write about “electronics items”.
Now, this has become a category, so here “electronic devices” are your niche.

Therefore, there are many variants of a niche in the market.
That’s why the description of different types of niche is given for different fields.

But here, I divide these into the following parts.
Which is very popular nowadays.

  1. Niche (which is a combined form) like Mobiles
  2. Micro-niche – micro version of any niche, like Samsung mobile
  3. Niche marketing is usually used in affiliate marketing, Such as saas funnels marketing or email listing.
    Through this, anyone target the market segment of a particular category and not a wide market.

All this means that they are not much different from each other.
It defines almost the same thing.

That is, on which subject you can write.
It can also be a small single-particle and can also be a wide-ranging department.

How to find a perfect niche for the blog.

We have understood what a niche is.
But after turning around, we stop at this point, how can we select a good niche.
Look, it depends on two things.

  1. if anyone is Hobiest.
  2. if anyone wants to earn money online.
    In both ways, the meaning of niche selection changes.

Niche Selection: if anyone is Hobbyist

Passion, you only have to write about your Passion.

Which you know the most and about which you can explain people very well in your way.

Which you have passion about.
About which you can write anytime and anywhere.

Write about that thing and write continuously and keep writing.

The thing to remember is that whatever you are doing here is not doing to earn money.
This is your interest.

You are trying to connect more and more with people related to your passion.
Reach your thoughts to them and know their thoughts.

Whatever your passion is, follow your passion, then you will be able to connect more and more people with you.

Niche Selection: if anyone wants to earn money online

If you want to earn money online, then with this perspective you are now expressing that your passion is not just anything else but only earning money.
So for this, let us focus on two issues here.

  1. Passion
  2. Money

In this type of niche selection, we mostly don’t follow our passion, we follow other people’s passion.

Only then will we be able to earn money from them and engage them.
We publish things related to their passion, advertise or write articles.

Everything we do is related to the passion of others.
if that passion is yours too, then it will be called icing on the cake.

You can work on this type of niche very well.

Now it comes to money,

Whatever niche you will select, you should also know the expansion of its market before selecting it.

That is, the number of people who like it should be very high.
We can understand it, in this way.

Suppose you have created a video game tutorial.
Now if you want to sell it, the market demand for this type of tutorial is very less.
Very few people will get to buy it.

On the other hand, if you make a tutorial on digital marketing, many people will buy it.
Its market is very large, people will buy in large quantities.
So target such a market which is big and wide.

Tools You can use to find Your Niche

In the online world, Google is completely dominated.
About 80% of Internet search results are done by Google.

That’s why we always talk about Google ranking or listing above Google.

Similarly, Google provides many such tools for us to forward our search results.
With the help of which we can increase the ranking of our search results.

Here, are some of the tools we will talk about.

Here we have searched two keywords in the trends.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Internet marketing

So in the last 12 months, we can see the difference in the search cycle of these two.

So if I want to write something above online marketing.

By comparing these two words, I can find out whom I would be better to write on.

So here is affiliate marketing, whose graph has been continuously for one year, then people are liking it more, it is trending.

So instead of internet marketing, I would like to focus on the content on affiliate marketing, so in this way you can compare many different topics and choose what your niche should be.

Google Ads: Keyword planner tool

Google’s Keyword Planner Tool is a great tool.

I have not yet seen a better tool than this.

This allows access through Google ADS accounts.

Filters any type of niche very well and gives us the best information.

Niche keyword planning Tools checklist

  4. Ahrefs
  5. LongTailPro
  6. SpyFu
  7. KeywordSeveryWhere
  8. AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator
  9. Bulk keyword genrator
  11. soovle
  12. UberSuggest
  13. wordstream

65 Niche Ideas worth to try

  1. Living abroad
  2. Deep-sea fishing
  3. Home organization
  4. Organic farming
  5. Surfing lessons
  6. Copywriting
  7. Retirement planning
  8. Speed reading
  9. Dating advice
  10. Learn HTML
  11. Costume design
  12. Mobile app development
  13. Fashion photography
  14. Elimination diets
  15. Art business
  16. Personal stylist
  17. Travel planning
  18. WordPress tutorials
  19. Eldercare
  20. Real estate investing
  21. Songwriting
  22. Destination weddings
  23. Haircare
  24. Interview help
  25. Digital photography
  26. Plyometrics
  27. Self-publishing
  28. cooking
  29. Homemade candy
  30. Learn Excel
  31. Herb garden
  32. Stress relief
  33. Resume writing
  34. Sleep deprivation
  35. Virtual assistant
  36. Roof garden
  37. hairstyles
  38. Restaurant management
  39. Party planning
  40. Horse training
  41. Learn to drive
  42. Watercolour painting
  43. Dog costumes
  44. Mixology
  45. Fashion illustration
  46. Fruit smoothies
  47. List building
  48. DIY furniture
  49. Dance fitness
  50. Book printing
  51. Men’s fitness
  52. Drawing
  53. Tailgating
  54. Mountain climbing
  55. Contemporary dance
  56. Healthy desserts
  57. Recipe videos
  58. Movie Trivia
  59. Women’s fitness
  60. Fiction writing
  61. Organic makeup
  62. Treehouses
  63. Travel Destinations
  64. Friendship Quotes
  65. Embroidery

find out more on 1781 niche ideas

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