How to get free high-quality backlinks for traffic in 2020

Have you created thousands of backlinks for your website?

But even after that you are not able to do high ranking on Google, right?

Believe me, all these do not work anymore.

The focus here is on high-quality backlinks, not quantity of backlinks.

Google updates its algorithms from time to time and panelized some methods of this type that affect the search results of its right and best method.

So, should we not create backlinks or make them?

Nowadays, there is no benefit from making more backlinks for traffic but only by making good and excellent backlinks.

But the point is that you have to spend a lot of money to get such backlinks, it is not very suitable for newcomers in the field.

Therefore, I am going to talk about getting free high-quality backlinks from a high authority website.

But, what is a high authority website?

Source: Ubersuggest

See, the website whose DA is above 50.

This is a high authority website.

Websites with scores above 20 and below 50 are counted in authority websites.

So if any backlink links your website to such a website, then that link is coming from a high authority website.

Today we are going to talk about how we will get free high-quality backlinks from these websites.

Ubersuggest, SEMRush, are tools to identify backlink for free in limitation. I personally recommended SEMRush for the best backlink research tool.

So Let’s get started.

Social Media For free high-quality Backlinks

It is believed that social media has nothing to do with backlinks.

We cannot use it properly, but it is absolutely wrong to think.

Social media platforms play a very important role in link building.

In the early days, social media is such a platform that you can generate a good amount of traffic.

There are many ways through which you can generate backlinks on social media.

Let us see how we can create backlinks for our website using social media.

Set up Social media profiles

Yes, if you want to register your online presence then it is very important to have your profile on social media.

If you do personal blogging, then it becomes very important that a profile of your name is created on every platform of social media.

Which you can use to link your main website.

To link your website, you can give your website information inside your profile.

You can also give a link to your website within description and bio.

While giving details about yourself or brand, you can use some of the links that link to your mainstream website.

Creating groups on Social media

Community groups can be availed in a very good way on social media.

Many social media platforms help you in forming groups.

Facebook, LinkedIn is one of the well-known platforms.

Through groups, you can invite many people to a group and share your website pages in that group and generate backlinks.

Which, directly from this group will come to your website.

Its other advantage is that, when traffic is not generated in the initial phase on your website, then you use these groups in traffic generation as well.

Create Pages to generate backlinks for traffic

All the pages created on social media represent your personality and your brand.
Pages are your main identity on social media.

The details of all the daily events or incidents related to the main streams are published on them.

So, people who are crazy about a personal brand or personality, they follow these pages on social media.

So understand that the backlinks generated from these pages connect you with a loyal and responding audience.

These pages can be used to generate free backlinks for traffic.

You can give a link to your website inside the About section and post related to daily or mainstream events.

podcast for free high-Quality backlinks

Visiting other podcasts as a guest or publishing your own podcasts is a very effective and efficient way to generate backlinks for free.

Podcasts are heard in vast quantities on platforms such as iTunes or

When a podcast of a company is released online, they link that company’s website there.

Understand that these excellent high authority websites also help you in link building and generate high-quality backlinks for traffic towards your website.

There are many ideas that can help you podcast or create an audio library.

  • Live on-air radio discussions.
  • Release audioBooks.
  • create tutorials in audio.
  • If you’re a singer create songs.

Commenting on high authority websites for free

comment backlink

This is a serious question, do blog comments help you rank well?

So the answer is, it depends on which website you are creating your comment backlinks.

If do-follow is commented on a website, there can be good ranking help from there.

In a tremendous experiment by Neil Patel, it has been observed that if the commenting is done from a site with do-follow backlinks, then it increases the ranking significantly, rather than commenting no-follow backlinks.

Overall, we can say that blog commenting is still alive and can be used.

best Online Community Forums for free high-quality backlinks

free forum backlinks

Forum is a type of online discussion community in which you can express your views and discuss online on many topics.

There are many online high authority websites form on the internet that give you the opportunity to discuss according to your particular niche.

Registration and login on them are also free.

In such a website, you can participate in active discus and post your link there.

Due to which, there not only helps in getting backlinks but also generates traffic.

QnA Websites to get free High-quality Backlinks

free quora backlink

Question Answer websites are a type of information exchange website.

In which the audience asks for the answer and the audience only answers.

So that means you can find both audience who ask and give questions on such website.

quora is the one of the high authority websites in question answer website.

Apart from this, there is where you can answer questions and here you can enter your website link while giving your answers.

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