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How to write Blog Articles Works like Magic in 2020

Nothing is worse than a bad writing, right?

Badly written blog articles leave a very bad impression and can damage online reputations.

You know this, the website represents your business.

If its content is written in a way that is bad or confusing.

So people will feel that they are being cheated and this affects the online reputations of the company.

So that online sales have a very bad effect in online earning and sharing etc.

On the contrary, if the content on the website is written correctly and with great quality, then it increases the profitability of the business manifold.

This is where a real professional writer is identified.

A good article content enhances the quality of blogposts and digital content by giving it a creative look.

Earlier I had shared my knowledge on keyword Research and here I will share with you the method of content writing. Which I use most often.

First do research for Article will solve all of your troubles

blog articles

It does not matter what your company makes and what kind of services it offers.
In today’s world, it can be known only by showing online.

To take advantage of online, it is very important to make your identity in that area.

For that, it is necessary to know how much space is getting online for that particular niche and what are the essential things for it.

Which you should do, in which way you can bring people online to your website and stop them on your website as much as possible.

For this, having a proper research is very important.

With the help of that, you can determine your basic basis.

Know Your Audience

While writing blog articles, we first have to take care of those who read them.

You have to keep in mind that, what are the likes and dislikes of the people who come to your website?

What is their purchasing power?

How old are they?

What is their geo location? That is, where do those people live?

The easiest and best way to gather all this information is to search on social media.

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook take special care of this.

Using their analytics tools, you can find out all these things very easily.

Organized available information

Information given in many block articles is collected from different websites.

You have to gather their information from different places according to your audience.

You have to collect the data that you need to show to your audience.

In today’s era, such a website is creating a lot of traffic.

Websites like Trivago, MakeMyTrip do something similar.

Types of Blog Posts You wanna Write

There are many ways to write blog articles, as many ways as you can think.

We have to find out in what ways we can tell the audience about our talk.

Many people understand it in a practice way.

Makes sense with some logo images.

Those who do not see are understood through sound.

So understand that all these methods are with the help of which information is shown in the blog post.

I am writing something below, in which way you can write a blog article.

  • How-to Articles
  • Checklists and Listicles
  • Infographics
  • Case Studies
  • Reviews
  • Comparisons
  • Podcasts, Mp3 and videos

Writing Blog Articles People Will Actually Read

How to write Blog Articles Works like Magic in 2020 1

After doing all the necessary research for the block post, now it is the turn to give it a visual look.

Here we need to make the article as simple as possible.

In Blog articles, we have to include all the thoughts and research points.

Those who were able to engage our audiences as much as we could by reading them and we could solve all their problems.

For this, we have to take care of some essential components, which we are considering now

Short paragraphs

You must have seen the lines written above the newsletter and notice board.

They are quite powerful and easy to understand.

This tells us the same thing that by using simple words, the shorter the sentence is written, the more its meaning reaches the reader.

Special care should be taken that the shorter the sentences are written, the more effective they are.


We said that sentences should be shortened but how to write them?

The most amazing way to write it is to divide it into headings and sub-headings.

Through this, you can divide any big information into some headings and sub-headings and present it in a smaller version.

The reader gets a lot of help in understanding which information to take in which way.

Using the headings and sub-headings, the article has a different effect on the reader.

Highlight text

When people are reading your article, we want them to draw some special attention to some main points.

 We can tell them that we have given some exposure to some specific words here.

For this, while writing blog articles, we convert some words to anchor text, bold or italic.

So that people see a different exposure in those sentences.

Seeing those will help the reader to focus on that and the communication of the right information can reach him.

Use Images or Infographics

In today’s era, the Internet is becoming more and more visual.

That’s why platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are dominated on social media.
People like pictures very much.

They are able to express their colorful moods and their feelings in a very good way.

If pictures or infographics are also used in blog articles, it leaves a very good impression on people.

The visualized thing leaves a very deep impact on the brain for a long time and due to its long impression, it is used the most.

Make Closing CTA summary

Till now we were talking about research for any blog article, various different methods of writing it.

They were trying to make it highly effective and informative, but now it comes to the conclusion.

The most difficult task is to start a blog article and take it to the front and then prepare a format for its end.

Which should have such a positive effect that the reader should keep it for a long time and take some action on it.

There is a different ideology and opinion for this, but we will use some such key points here to help you close any blog post.

  1. Give Keynotes of blog post
  2. Ask them to respond
  3. Introduce your product or service with an offer
  4. Invite for engagement

What is your conclusion now?

I am very keen to know the responses that came from your side.

Let me know by making some powerful comments and share it with your friends.

I am very keen to know their reaction too.

See you again in the next post.

Goodbye until then.

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