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Meta Description: perfect Guidelines to optimization SERPs (2020)

A meta description tag is one of the most controversial topics in the current scenario of SEO strategy.

Do you also feel that meta description tag is no longer important?

No, it’s not, it’s still valuable.

Then what is it because of which it has become a part of a big controversy?

Let us know in details.

What is a Meta Description?

This is an HTML attribute.

It contains a 160-word summary of the information present on a webpage.
It is present under the head tag of HTML.

Example of HTML descriptor attribute of meta tags.meta description tag

It is known as an information snippet on Google SERP.
Example of In Google search result page:
meta description Example

How Does Meta Description help SEO? (Search Engine Optimization)

Look! Google has already made it clear that the Meta tag description does not affect Google ranking.

It is used only to share the information on a webpage.
Even then, it may be necessary to write a meta description.

  1. Because the description of the website given on the SERPs presents the summary description of the content given on that website.
    The CTR of the website can be incremented if the user clicks through that link.
  2. This META description is also used at the time of sharing on social sites and elsewhere.
    If your OG(open graph) description is not available, then meta description is used as a web page description.

Google uses a description from a different perspective.

If the presented description matches well with the website content, then Google uses descriptors as snippets or Google bypasses the given description and uses a new description in its own way.

Which is from the webpage content.

Let us understand this with some meta tag description examples.

Meta Description: perfect Guidelines to optimization SERPs (2020) 1
Amazon SERP Example

We can see the meta tag description written on the Amazon site here.

This is an e-commerce site, so according to the product they have given that meta tag description and title tag.

Seeing this link, it is clear that what is going to be found on the site.

Here the name of the product and its features are described.

Meta Description: perfect Guidelines to optimization SERPs (2020) 2
description example from wikipedia

In the photo above, you can see that the meta tag description does not exist.

Despite this, the meta tag description appears in the SERP.

Here in the Google SERP meta description, which is using a content summary, which is derived directly from the content of the web page.

Best practices checklist for writing meta descriptions.

  1. Meta description length should be around 140 to 160 characters while based on some research it has also been kept up to 300 words.
  2. Do not use quotes ” “.
  3. While writing this, keep in mind that the description must match the content of the website.
  4. Target keywords should be used within the meta description, this will further boost CTR.
  5. It is better if the call of action is used inside it.
  6. Do not use the same descriptor on different pages.
  7. Better if the targeted keyword is not included in the descriptor more than once.

Frequently ask question:

Q: If I change my meta description today, how many days will be updated on Google?
A: If the written description matches the content well, it may take 2 to 3 days to update or wait until the next crawler section.
You can also update it with an inspector through Webmaster Tools.

Q: What if my meta description is not available on the website?
As we have already read, the meta description does not have a significant impact on Google ranking.
If it is not available, Google will show it by choosing it from the content on its behalf.
But it would be better to write one.

Q: Difference between OG description and meta description tags.
Meta description is a summary written on a web page that is used by search engines.
In contrast, OG description is also a summary, but it is used for social sites.

I hope that you will be satisfied with the given details and it will be useful for you.

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